Weekly Notes for February 26 - March 3

Practices for Feb. 26 - March 3:  Please Read!  There are a few changes to what was originally scheduled due to Thursdays Practice Cancelation and Rescheduling of Band & Chorus Events this week.

JR-SR> Monday & Wednesday= regular;  Tuesday= either 6-7:30AM or 3:45-5:15 (No Dryland);  Thursday= either 6:30-7:30AM or 3:45-4:45 State Swimmers Only;  No Friday-Saturday.

Gold-Platinum> Monday & Wednesday= regular;  Tuesday= State Swimmers Only 4:15-5:30;  Thursday= State Swimmers Only 4-5;  No Friday-Saturday.   No Dryland this week.

Bronze-Silver> Monday & Wednesday= regular;  Thursday= State Swimmers Only 4:30-5:30;  No Friday-Saturday.

Masters> Mon & Wed only (No Friday), also No Monday (3/5).

Spring Break....No Practices:  Our last practice offered will be this Thursday.  We'll be taking a break March 2-18 and resume with regular schedules March 19.

State Meet Commitment....B State Swimmers:  Reminder...those making a 1st time State Time Must Commit No Later than Sunday, February 25 (11:59pm)!  Please indicate session(s) your swimmer made a time.  Those swimmers who made additional standards should indicate in the Notes Section of your Meet Commitment those events.  Please indicate if there is a day you are NOT available to swim.  Same deadline...2/25 (Sun) by 11:59pm. Swimmers placing in Top 2 in an event...and did not achieve a State Time...can still swim at States in that event.  please commit to the session and also indicate the event you can swim.   See Barry or Wendy for further explainations.

Pizza Party Date Change:  Due to the rescheduled Band & Chorus Concerts we have reschedule the Pizza Party for Tuesday, February 27 at 6:40pm.  Pizza Ranch.  $10 per swimmer + tax.  When arriving, tell them your with Brookings Swim Club.  We'll be in the back room.  This is for State Swimmers Only.  Families can sit in the main areas.  Should be done between 7:45-8pm.   State Goody Bags will be handed out.

State Swim Caps:  We're giving everyone a Special State Meet Latex Cap.  No Charge for this.  We did order 25 Silicone Caps and swimmers may choose to "trade" their Latex Cap for a Silicone.  Those choosing to have a Silicone Cap will be charged a $10 fee (difference in price between the latex & silicone).  Swimmers wanting a Silicione addition to the Latex...will be charged $15 for the Silicone.  Since we only have 25 they will be given out on a first-requested basis (either by email to Barry ( or verbally at practice or Pizza Party.