Weekly News (Feb 26 to March 3)

Hello all Panthers,

This is a real short week, but probably a well needed rest for our students. This week ends with the “Activity Free Weekend”. So this mean no school or training on Thursday/Friday/Saturday this week. So if you need to make up some training sessions you can come any day this week.

Please make note that we are going to run the Jr. Spring Palooza Tuesday, Feb 27th (Tomorrow) starting at 1:35 warmup. This is early release day, so come right after school finishes. If you could not attend the first one, but can attend this one…sign up this morning.


Important Notes:


Tomorrow: Jr Palooza will be tried again on Tuesday, Feb 27th 1:35pm:

If you can not swim, please remove your name today before 1:00pm. I will reseed and send out the program at 1:00pm.


More speedsters at last weeks Paloozas:

Things always seem to come full circle, as Tar Tar is breaking all the school records…his age group records are being bested by the next crop of IASAS Champions!

Ruj Mahattanakul: 11/12 100 I.M.  (was Tar Tar’s)

Dena Chawaldit: 11/12 100 Br

Ada Tieanworn: 9/10 200 IM and 100 Fly


Repeat: SUPER IMPORTANT 2018-19 Swim Committee Members Needed: If you have time, we would love to have you!

We have some members moving on and some that would like to take a year break (they have been doing it for 3, so that is totally understandable). We have streamlined all positions to make them much easier perhaps than in the past. If you are at all interested, even a little bit, please contact me and we can discuss further.


ISB Splash International Meet (March 10/11):

Registration for this meet is closed


BISAC Jr/Sr Selection Team: Emails will go out before Wednesday end of school:

If your swimmer is going to be selected to represent ISB at the BISAC swim Championships on March 17/18 you will receive a confirmation email this week from the age group coaches. If you commit to being selected you will be 100% in for this meet. No last minute family trips, birthdays etc. Look at your schedule now and give a rock soliday “Yes or No”. It is  privlage and an honor to represent your school at these city wide championships, so my hope is that we all say yes if given the opportunity. The Senior meet is on Saturday at ISB and the Junior meet is at NIST on Sunday.

More details to come when the team is selected.


Singapore Travel Meet (April 20th-22nd)

We have enough swimmers committed to this meet for me to travel with the team, but it would be the smallest squad we have sent. If you are interested at all please contact me. Travel meets are amazing experiences for the swimmers, please give it a chance and see for your self.


Parent Lesson of the week:


Repeat Lesson: I know I preach a lot to parents about just saying “I love to watch you swim”, but perhaps I don’t speak enough about just how incredibly hard that is to do. I am finding this in my own home already. As parents we are natural fixers and problem solvers. You want to be better, do this or this…just saying I love to watch you do something is probably not natural to us…yet!

So here is cool little story I read recently about things you can say…if you need to expand a little on I love to watch you swim.

Hope you enjoy it!



Message for ISB Administration:


Good afternoon,  

Many families have students participating in activities after school and the entrance at the sports complex is helpful for those on the east side of school.  


The gate was first opened in 2014, for the sole purpose of pedestrian and bicycle access. There are bike lanes on both sides of the road and the area did, and does not, allow for a parking or pull off space.  


As a reminder…There is no drop off or pick up allowed at the Sports Complex gate.  This gate is for bicycle and pedestrian entry and exit only.  Vehicles may not stop in this area to let students in or out.  There are many reason for this, all of them specific to student/family safety.  We have witnessed many near accidents due to vehicles pulling into the bike lane, stopping in the middle of the road, and blocking traffic. What individuals may see as a benefit to “them” creates an overall safety hazard and inconvenience for the overall school community. 


Please make all drop offs from cars and golf carts at the main entrance of the school.


Thank you for you understanding and cooperation.


For your reference, here are two enews articles related to the sports complex gate.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected]



Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:




  1. United World College Dragon’s Den Meet (Singapore April 20-22nd):

Our spring travel meet; this is a long course meet with qualifying times, but open to most of our swimmers. Must be able to swim 50m races.


  1. Harrow 2 Fast 2 Furious: Saturday, May 19th

This is all ages sprint meet, a fun way to end the year.








That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,