Unified Circle

Can we become a unified circle of power.

This is from my sons college football coach

Phil Jackson said, "What moves me is watching young men bond together and tap into the magic that arises when they focus with their whole heart and soul on something greater than themselves.  Once youve experienced that, its something you never forget."

Phil went on to say that the symbol of that unity and focus is a ring.  No ending and no beginning.  A unified circle that flows together seamlessly into one and contains everything.  Thats why they would stand in a circle before and after each practice.  Every championship team gets a ring, from the pros all the way down to high school.  In competitive athletics its the symbol of pride, unity and success.

Our family, like most families sits around a table for meals.  We all hold hands as we pray before the meal.  I know I should probably have my eyes closed during that time, but I dont always.  Ive noticed a couple things about the ring our family creates by holding hands at meal time:

  1. Most kids have already started eating before my wife and I get all the food on the table and sit down to eat.  At least two of them have dirty hands.  The family members next to them dont hold their hands.  They hold their wrists or forearms.  Leadership Lesson:  Its difficult to be united if someone has dirty hands.  Keep your character clean.
  2. It seems at least one of our kids will refuse to hold their siblings hand because they are mad or pouting about something.  Leadership Lesson:  Its difficult to be united if someone cant get over their own personal feelings for the good of the group.  No one person is more important than THE TEAM.  Check your ego at the door!

How do the rings look in your life?  at home?  at work?  Are they championship caliber or are there some adjustments that need to be made?