Feb 2018 Newsletter

Nose Creek Shark School NEWSLETTER – February 2018        

Welcome to our fourth newsletter of the swim season! If you do not receive this newsletter via email, please contact me as the website is our main means of communication and we would like to ensure all families are receiving the information that is sent out.

Our club has its own website:, which is a great source of information.  Should you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email, [email protected] or at 403-948-7895. We also have a bulletin board beside the front counter at the pool that will be regularly updated with information.

Important Dates to Remember!

March 29th – My First Race – 25 Breast – Progress Slips

April 26th – My First Race – 25 Fly

May 29th – Stage 1 & 2 Fun Meet in Airdrie – Progress Reports

May 31st – Stage 3 Fun Meet in Airdrie – Progress Reports


Please note; NCSS swimmers are welcome to purchase a NCSA team shirt for $15. Should you wish to order, please contact me at [email protected]

If your swimmer has shoulder length hair or longer, they must wear the NCSA team cap as this will interfere with their focus and skills.  Please also ensure your swimmer has proper fitting goggles prior to the start of each class. Your help with this is much appreciated!

All swimmers should have received their suit and cap for the season. If your suit was the incorrect size, you can exchange the suit at Team Aquatics in Calgary as long as the tags are still attached.


Each month a swimmer from each group will be recognized by their coach as “Swimmer of the Month”. We will be awarding athletes that stand apart from their group for exceptional effort, attitude and achievements. Each Swimmer of the Month will receive a swim cap to recognize their efforts.


The pool in AIRDRIE policy states that swimmers have to be 8 years and older to use the hot tub on their own. If your swimmer is 7 years and younger, they must be accompanied by an adult in PROPER SWIM ATTIRE and within arm’s reach.

NCSS swimmers are NOT ALLOWED in the hot tub prior to workout. The hot water relaxes muscles, as well the contrast in temperature to the lane pool is not ideal prior to a workout

Failure to comply with this new policy may result in ALL NCSS swimmers no longer being allowed to use the hot tub after swim workout.

NCSS Swimmers are not allowed in the hot tub at the Thornhill pool.

If you wish to speak to your swimmer’s coach, please wait until after the class has finished. For safety and productivity reasons , our coach’s attention must remain on their swimmers for the entire workout. We appreciate your co-operation with regards to this matter.



Mykayla Rosher - Stage 3

This month we have gone back and focused on some of the basics. We worked on body position, kick, and bubbles/breathing. Overall it is looking great! We will continue to work on our breast kick and our dolphin kick in March. We will still work on our Freestyle and Backstroke, but our focus will be the breast and dolphin kick. I will ask your swimmers to bring socks for their breast kick and fins (if they have them) for when we do dolphin kick.  I will give them notice as to when we will need the socks or the fins.

By the end of March we will progress to doing dolphin kick without the fins! 

For the month of February, I have chosen a young lady who has really demonstrated great improvement in her kick as well as her strokes. She has also stepped up and become an amazing leader to our group! She is consistently trying her best to improve; taking all tips and tricks that I have given her. She is always willing to make the change to be better, and is a great lane leader for our group!  Congratulations Isabella Purves!!

Reaghan Kost – Stage 2

The month of February was so successful and a lot of fun! We tried new things including breath control, new drills and fly kick. All of the swimmers had a lot of fun while we worked on these skills. Every swimmer made a lot of progress this month, and I am so proud of every one of them. Our 50 backstroke was also great, all the swimmers were happy with their times. 

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the swim season will bring us! 

The swimmer of the month of February is Quynn Crook ! Quynn is always prepared for the practice and is always excited for the new challenges. She is always asking questions about how she can improve which benefits her swimming so much! Keep up the awesome work! 

Jordyn Gagnon – Stage 1

Over the course of the month, we have been working on freestyle. We have been focusing on making sure that we are breathing to the side every three strokes, as well as keeping our legs straight and toes pointed while kicking. Great job swimmers, and keep up the hard work!

Stage 1 is proud to announce that our Swimmer of the Month for February is Emma Gilbert ! It has been a pleasure to work with Emma throughout the year. She always comes to practice with a positive attitude, and puts forth her best effort in everything she does. Emma is incredibly kind to everyone in the club, and provides an overall positive atmosphere. Congratulations Emma! Keep up the great work!

Ana Ortiz – Stage 1

Hello, it’s been another fun month! This month, our main focus was on body position on backstroke as well as the arm movements. The swimmers have had great progress with such. Keep up the good work swimmers!  

Paige Streeter – Stage 1

We have worked on timing of breath in freestyle, that we keep our ear on our shoulder and that when we kick we don't kick with our knees. We have worked on a lot this month. We focused on keeping our heads straight and looking up at the roof/sky. We have started to work on breaststroke kick. Next month we will focus more on breaststroke kick and start breaststroke pull.

Paige Zubot – Stage 1

This month’s focus has been focusing on our freestyle strokes and ready positions. My swimmers have improved a lot just from the past couple of days with their ready positions. They have tighter streamline and are now gliding underwater. With the freestyle, we worked on our breathing patterns and how to breathe properly. Now approaching the month of March, Breaststroke is going to be introduced as a new stroke.


Sarene ElChkifi – Stage 3

This month we focused a lot on Backstroke as well as some Breaststroke. With our backstroke our main point of focus was the walls and underwater, ensuring the swimmers push off on their backs underwater and make it passed the flags underwater on every wall as well. I am so happy to say that their underwater has improved immensely. With all the repetition they are all remembering their streamlines and underwater fly kick off walls and it’s looking amazing! For Breaststroke we worked mainly on timing of where the breath should come in the stroke and how long the glide should be between strokes. We will be focusing more on breaststroke into March. I loved the energy I saw this month, everyone was so pumped to get in the pool and put in the effort to improve!!

My stage 3 swimmer of the month for February is, Jasper Patterson ! Jasper’s enthusiasm to train is fantastic, he always wants to do more and he doesn’t shy away from asking to be pushed harder in practice. He takes feedback and works hard to apply it to his strokes and he just keeps looking better and better! I always look forward to seeing his smile on deck. Keep it up Jasper, Congrats!!!

Katelyn Stuart – Stage 2

February was another fantastic month in the water! After reinforcing our basic skills last month, February was a time of fine-tuning for the stage twos. The most major focus this month was on arm action. The stage two group continued their development of using their arms during full stroke swimming for both back stroke and freestyle. I urged the swimmers to focus on how they were moving their arms through the water a great deal this month, to assist them we frequently used fins to support their body position and kick when they had a different focus. The group also experimented with a few new drills focused on increasing their skill in arm action, and their progress with each new drill was phenomenal. 

I would also like to encourage that all stage two swimmers come to practice with a pair of goggles that work for them. I am more than happy to help them adjust goggles however as of late it is eating up a great deal of time when they could be swimming!

Lilah Cushing  is our swimmer of the month because she is such a determined young swimmer and her progress over the last few months is absolutely astounding! Particularly in backstroke Lilah is excelling in terms of her skill level, her arm action and kick are well refined and she is developing a solid rhythm to her stroke. Lilah is also very enthusiastic about swimming and she works to inspire other members of the group as well. It makes me so proud as a coach to see her in her element and I look forward to seeing how she further improves in the water!

Summar El-Chkifi – Stage 1

My swimmers have done a fantastic job this month, everyone’s backstroke improved greatly! The skills we worked on: quick feet, hips up, arms opposite from each other is all looking awesome! Next month I want to work both on backstroke and freestyle with some different/new drills and we’re going to do lots of kick so be ready. I want everyone to work on staying more focused and keep pushing yourselves, even when you’re tired. Awesome job swimmers keep it up!

Zachary Gladden – Stage 1

This month we have moved on from backstroke and have started focusing on freestyle. So far we have refined the swimmers' kick as well as body position. They have been doing swimmingly and I’m excited to keep working on this! This month’s swimmer of the month is Allison Chan!

Allison is such a talented swimmer with amazing focus. She bring energy to every practice and is always excited to try something new. Good job Allison!  

Sage Hornsby– Stage 1

This month we’ve seen a lot of progress being made, particularly in our backstroke. We’ve been working a lot on increasing our comfort levels on our back and making sure that we have the correct body position. We also have been improving our freestyle. In the next month we are going to circle back and do some more focus on kick and streamlines and then towards the end use the kicking skills to speed up our freestyle and backstroke. I’m seeing a lot of good attitude and enthusiasm lately, keep it up!!

Erica Meller – Stage 1

We have continued to refine our skills in both freestyle and backstroke. We have been focusing on kick in a streamline position, it has been beneficial to the swimmers overall stroke (both on their front and back).  Throughout the month we have used fins a few times. The fins have really improved the swimmer’s body positions, and helped keep their legs afloat while they swim. We have been swimming 25 meter lengths and everyone is showing lots of improvement.

This month we have completed another “My First Race!” 50 backstroke. All of the swimmers in my group completed it, and did an amazing job. I can’t wait to see what another month has in store.