Weekly News (Splash 2018 week)

Hello all Panthers,

It is Splash 2018 week, we have 23 teams from around Asia all ready to travel here this weekend. We will be doing lots to get prepared for this big event. Here are just a few things going on.

#1: Starting tomorrow we will be training Long Course Meters, this means the pool will be set to 50m distance. This is good practice for both Sunday Splash and upcoming Senior BISAC championships. But it does tend to scare the really little ones.

#2 Working on our racing details in practices: this includes starts, breakouts and great sprinting. Come an extra day this week if you have time.

#3 BE THERE: Friday Spirit Night Practice for all family and friends: bring everyone out for a great pump up practice. We have many senior swimmers that will be coming out for their last big event at our ISB pool. Of course we will have frozen yogurt after the practice. Who will win the cheer off, boys need a little bit of help after last time.

#4 We will take our team photo Saturday at 12:00 noon, please do not go anywhere after the last race. We will take the photo on the bleachers in the warm up section of the pool.


Important Notes:


Friday Night Splash Spirit Night (2:30-3:30pm, Friday March 9th):

Last year we had almost 200 people, let’s top that number this year.


ISB Splash International Meet (March 10/11):

  • Our warm up is at 7:00am, so that means that we need everybody in the tent ready to swim at 6:50am. This is for both days!
  • We will wear black on Saturday and yellow on Sunday
  • Awards is Saturday at 5:00pm, please have all swimmers there for this part of the meet. If you are 8 and under and only swimming a half day, then you are excused.
  • Please remember to only pack healthy snacks, junk food has no place at a swim meet. Feed the swimmers junk and that is exacly how they will race. 
  • We will take our team photo on the grandstands at the lunch break, so nobody go anywhere after the last morning race.


BISAC Jr/Sr Championships next week (March 17/18):

We will host the Senior portion of this two-day championship meet on Saturday March 17th. Please come and cheer on our team!


Singapore Travel Meet (April 20th-22nd)

We have enough swimmers committed to this meet for me to travel with the team, but it would be the smallest squad we have sent. If you are interested at all please contact me. Travel meets are amazing experiences for the swimmers, please give it a chance and see for your self.


Parent Lesson of the week:


We have many newbie swim families this year and with our biggest international meet coming up this weekend, I have the perfect fun article for both the new and old. 12 things you learn as a new swim parent…this is just spot on. Enjoy.

Please know that #12 is the truest of all and for this I thank you. Swim meets do not happen without parent participation.




Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:




  1. United World College Dragon’s Den Meet (Singapore April 20-22nd):

Our spring travel meet; this is a long course meet with qualifying times, but open to most of our swimmers. Must be able to swim 50m races.


  1. Harrow 2 Fast 2 Furious: Saturday, May 19th

This is all ages sprint meet, a fun way to end the year.








That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,