Announcing Our 2017 LCM Swimmers of the Year

The following are our 2017 LCM Swimmers of the Year whom will be recognized at the 2018 Arkansas Swimming Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet.  Details to come out shortly...

Swimmer of the year LCM 2017


9& Under Girls: Ava Little

10 Girls: Isabella Sharp

11 Girls: Sidni Meister

12 Girls: Bailey Gott

13 Girls: Casaundra Moses

14 Girls: Kate McCarville

15-16 Girls: Audrey Mckinnon

17-18 Girls Taylor Pike


9& Under Boys: Ethan Priddle

10 Boys: Zane Sims

11 Boys: Will Sims

12 Boys: Youssef Bahgat

13 Boys: Andrew Rogers

14 boys: Ben Hines

15-16 Boys: AJ Mainord

17-18 Boys: Hayden Harlow

The 2018 SCY Swimmers of the Year is being compiled and will be announced shortly