Wednesday Stroke Clinic Change

Have to make a change to this Wednesday's Stroke Clinic.  As those who have been on the club for 1+ years, Track has used the pool during our practices 1 time per week (through their first 4-weeks of their season).  They want to use the pool tomorrow (Wednesday, 3/21).  Here's what we'll be doing tomorrow:

3:00-4:30 12&Overs;   5-6 11&Unders.    (Track will use all of pool from 4:30-5).


Couple of other items which I'm working on: 

Special Olympics.... every year we cooperate with Special Olympics in giving them pool time during April & May.  This year, they want to swim 5:30-7:30, starting March 26.  I'm working on a Monday Schedule which would go through May 14.  Will get that out as soon as I work out the details.  There is a chance they won't start until 6:00, but won't know until after their first practice on March 26.  I'll try not to disrupt everyone's practice too much, but the Gold & Platinum Groups will be affected (they normally start 6:15 or 6:30) having them come in earlier.  It will be more crowded, but necessary.

Summer Practice Schedule:  I haven't been given our pool times from Parks & Rec yet.  I hope to have these within a week.  As soon as I get these and work out a schedule, I'll get these out to everyone.  I'm expecting to be similar to last summer.  You can go to Calendars Tab, click your group and move the month/year to June, 2017, to see what that groups schedule was.