Mesa Arizona swim camp 2018

WGB swim camp in Mesa, Arizona

10 swimmers from Whitehorse are enjoying hard work at Kino Aquatic Center, training outdoor in 50 meters pool, having an Olympian Bradley Tandy (South Africa) in the lane next to them. 

Brad is famous for the fastest start in the world. He finished 6th in 50 Freestyle at the Olympic Games in Rio and is on his way to Tokyo 2020, where his coach Ryan Mallam believes that Brad can be the fastest man in the world. 

Both generous men shared their experience and knowledge with our swimmers. Brad and coach Ryan talked about Freestyle and every drill was demonstrated by Brad in the water. Following that, our swimmers had an opportunity to see the fastest dive in the world and were taught how to do it. 

On Thursday morning coach Ryan took over the practice and coached our swimmers. This is an unique opportunity for Yukon kids and it is not over yet. Bradley is on his way to Commonwealth Games and all Whitehorse athletes who are in Mesa right now wish him fast swims. Coach Ryan is away only for the weekend and he said that he is coming back to see us on deck again on Monday. This is an unique opportunity and a great surprise for our kids. We are very thankful for all the time Brad and coach Ryan gave us, for every details they told us, and everything what we learned from them so far. Swimmers are hungry for more and are looking forward to see coach Ryn on deck next week and will follow Brad's results during coming meets. 

Today a team from Surrey BC, arrived and WGB swimmers will be able to join for some of the practices and experience different kind of training, in a big group. 

Beside all the swimming news, everybody enjoys Brenda's home made, healthy and very tasty meals and we appreciate Doug's help and his driving us to places. This swim camp would not be possible without those 2 parents and the generous support from Swim Yukon. 

The fun continues here in Mesa...