Yankee Candle Fundraiser!

It's Yankee Candle time!  Help support CST with this great Yankee Candle Fundraiser this season!

Fundraising Packets will be available during Team Sign-ups on 

Wed. April 11th 6-8p & Sun. April 30th 12-2p @ Mt. Mikes in Hercules.

Can't wait until then to start selling? 

Go to, click on "Seller Login" then fill our the "Sign up to be a Seller" using CST group#990096554 to register.  Sell to family and friends who do not live close to you by sending them an email asking for their support! Sale begins now until May 2, 2018.

Any questions please contact our Fundraising CST Rep Stephanie Chambers @ [email protected] or in person during team sign-ups.


Happy Fundraising!