Seahawks Sponsors
Help us make new summer traditions!
Summer swim season will be here before you know it. We're all excited about a new start with Coach Julie and the chance to give fun summer memories to a new generation of kids in Montclair.
The board appreciates all the help we get from families during the season, but there’s critical work going on through winter and spring. We are still a very new board and we are in dire need of help from Seahawks families to keep the team viable. We need more families - even if you’re only in your first or second summer with the team - who will go from “dipping their toe” in the pool to getting in knee-deep or waist-deep to keep summer fun for years to come.
The board is currently without a Secretary. We need a highly organized person willing to take on record keeping, membership issues, and working together with Amy, John, and Tara to set the direction of the club.
The team needs help with organizing fundraisers and sponsorships. If you’re familiar with the local business community, or have experience with organizing sponsorships for other organizations, we need you!
Also, if you, a neighbor or family member have a business and are willing to be a sponsor - please contact the board!
During meet weeks and on meet day, we need a volunteer coordinator who will help make sure that every job has been filled and get everyone to the right place. 
Finally - and perhaps most critically - we are short of deck officials. Filing our pipeline with new officials is a top priority. Stroke and Turn officials are not there to be villains or punish the kids - they observe each swim and ensure a fair, smooth meet.
Unfortunately, last year we were unable to provide enough officials -- which is unfair to all the kids, inconveniences the overworked officials, and undermines our team’s reputation for putting on great meets - other teams look forward to coming to the MCC, we want to keep it that way!.
The benefits to you are a front row position for every heat, and knowing that your volunteer commitment to the team has already been met. The more officials we have, the fewer shifts each official will have to work.
Especially if you have - or may soon have - a year-round or high school swimmer, deck officials will always be needed and summer swim is a great way to get started.
The league will have a short (2-3 hour) clinic for certifying new officials on Saturday, June 2, and may have another before that date. We need at least 5 new people to commit to attending a clinic and working the meets their children participate in this summer. Please email John Avelis with your questions about this vital role, and let us know if you're ready to take this step!
Thanks, one and all, for all your support and for being part of the Seahawks team.