Weekly News Songkran Edition

Hello all Panthers,

Only 3 days of training this week, so let’s see everyone out for each day. We are wishing a very safe and enjoyable Songkran holiday. Stay very wet and get the well deserved rest we are all looking forward to.

Please make note of our squad photo days coming up after the holiday.


Important Notes:


April holidays coming up: (feel free to train any extra days in April to make up for so many holidays:


April 12th: Thai National Holiday (Songkran Festival) No Training

April 13th to 21st: (Songkran school days off) No Training



Professional Squad Photo Day (Wednesday April 25th):


The amazing photographers from Rembrandt will be at practice on Wednesday, April 25th.

2:30-3:15 Jr. Panther Squads, 8 and under squads and 9/10 squads.

3:15-3:35 MS and HS squads

These photos are free of charge and will be handed out at the year end awards dinner. Please come for the photos even if this is not your training day.


Lap it up shirts and PB ribbons are ready; please get from your coaches:



Year-End Party: Parents please start training now (May 30th)!

This “Family Sprintfest” event is a big part of our year- end awards celebration/dinner. We will have all family and friends join us in the pool for either individual races or a family/friend relay. Then after the races are over we will have our dinner and awards ceremony, this will take place in the gymnasium at the 50 m pool. 

For our team members, please sign the up as per usual. For non-team members or family/friend relay entries please use the following link to sign up on the google document.

This is the best way ever to end the year, please make sure you mark this down on your calendar and come have some great fun. 



Parent Lesson of the week:


Multi-Sport Athletes make better swimmers: true or false?

There used to be many schools of thought in the area of athletes playing multiple sports and the pros/cons attached to this. But as more and more studies are coming in, there is little room for debate. Playing more than one sport is better for the development of your child.

Here are a couple articles on the subject.



Repeat Lesson:

Travel Meets: Why do them?

We are two weeks away from our travel meet to United World College in Singapore and I am looking at the fairly small number of ISB participants. This makes me a little sad, because as a lifelong swim team member, I know the amazing experiences these travel meets are and the benefits I gained from the many, many, many meets I have traveled on.

Here are some good articles that might make you pull the trigger on signing up next year.




Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:



  1. Harrow 2 Fast 2 Furious: Saturday, May 19th

This is all ages sprint meet, a fun way to end the year.


  1. Year-End Family Sprintfest 2018: May 30th

This is the swimming portion of our year-end celebration. We will have individual sprint events and a family/friend relay. All coaches will be in both individual and team relays. Friends are welcome, you just need to sign them up on the google document (same for family relays).










That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,