HOT comes in second at the Sombrero Championship


HOT Swim Team comes in second at the SOMBRERO CHAMPIONSHIP

Fourteen members of the HOT (Heart of Texas) Swim Team competed in the Sombrero Championship meet at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio on April 6-8. The championship meet is the final meet in a three-meet series hosted by the university each winter swim season for 12 south Texas teams.

Our local Team has won this series in two past years, but came home with a second place this season. HOT posted a total of 69 percent ‘Best Times’ for 75 events swam. The winning team from Hayes Consolidated Swim Team took home the ‘traveling ‘sombrero this year scoring three points higher than the Fredericksburg team. The Sombrero Series is scored by dividing the number of ‘personal best’ times by the total events entered.

This championship meet was attended by mostly ‘experienced’ swimmers who must beat their national SWIMS data-base personal best times.  Novice swimmers who had not swum the event previously, their coach entered their ‘best practice time’ for an honest seed time. Results from the meet included:

Gracie Bush (9) garnered six for six ‘Best Times’ (BT) in a very competitive age group. She contributed greatly to the Team’s final standing.

Caleb Dreyer (16) placed 9th in the 100 Breast, 6th in the 50 Free and 4th in his 100 IM; all ‘Best Times’.

Daniel Dreyer (14) placed 11th in the 100 Breast, 7th in the 50 Free and 2nd in the 100 IM; all ‘Best Times’.

Anna Kate Goodson (12) placed 4th in the 200 Breast and 50 Breast, 3rd in her 100 Breast.  She placed 2nd in the 400 IM and 1st in the 50 Fly and 100 IM. Anna Kate finished with five out of six events with personal ‘Best Times’.

Jackson Johnson (10) placed 3rd in the 100 Back and the 200 Free, 2nd in the 100 Fly and 100 IM and 1st place in his 50 Back, Breast and Fly.  He placed 1st in the 100 Free and 100 Breast.  Jackson scored highpoint male for the meet with all personal ‘Best Times’.

Antonio Martinez (15) placed 3rd in the 500 Free, 2nd in the 200 Breast and 1st in his 50 Breast and Fly. Antonio scored three out of four personal ‘Best Times’ at the meet.

Diego Martinez (11) placed 9th in the 200 Free, 10th in the 50 Breast, 11th in the 100 Breast, and 11th in the 50 Fly.  Diego scored seven personal “Best Times” out of eight events.

Nichlas Mikosh (13) placed 9th in the 200 Free, 10th in the 100 Back, 6th in the 200 Back, 10th in the 100 Breast, 4th in the 200 Breast, and 3rd in the 100 Fly.  All of his times at this meet were personal “Best Times”.

Kaden Montgomery (9) placed 12th in the 50 Free, 3rd in the 50 Back, and 10 in the 100 IM.  He gained two personal “Best Times” at this meet.

Adriana Olivares (9) swam three events.  Her 50 Free and 50 Back were personal “Best Times” that improved both technically as well as in speed .

Anthony Runnels (12) competed in seven events.  Six swims were personal “Best Times”.  Anthony placed 11th in the 50 Free, 7th in the 100 Free, 10th in the 50 Back, 7th in the 100 Back, 4th in the 50 Breast, and 9th in the 50 Fly.

George Stenberg (11) swam in seven events.  Three of these events were personal “Best Times”.  George place 6th in the 50 Back, 3rd in the 50 Free, 5th in the 100 Free, 2nd in the 100 Back, 3rd in the 200 Back and 7th in the 100 IM. 

Sarah Grace Walton (14) competed in three events – all personal “Best Times”.  Sarah placed 8th in the 50 Free, 13th in the 100 Free, and 12th in the 200 IM.

Alice Welder (9) placed in her six events.  She achieved four personal “Best Times”.  She placed 2nd in the 100 Back, 3rd in the 100 Breast, 5th in the 50 Breast and 5th in the 100 IM, 6th in the 50 Free and 9th in the 100 Free.

Coach Al Carr commented after the meet Monday by adding, “the whole team had a hand in preparing for this meet. Assistant Coaches, Mercedes Stenberg, Mathew Walton and Amanda Phelps each worked groups daily on ‘turns and breakouts’.  We used the most ‘experienced’ swimmers to ‘coach’ small groups on special race techniques and then simulated the meet environment to practice race starts from the start blocks. A third of the team was in the water each day helping their teammates improve and we grew as a team since the first of the year.”

The HOT team will be holding registration for the summer season as well as the SwimAmerica™ Learn-To-Swim program on April 17 –19 at the HCM Wellness Center pool from 3:30 until 5:30 p.m. each day.