Weekly News (April 30 to May 5)

Hello all Panthers,


As we enter the last month of swimming, I know that we have many, many other activities coming into play and taking place during your regular training times. To make up for this, during the month of May you can add another training day just to make sure you get all your training in. Just let me or your coach know what day you will be coming.


Also, there are many preparations to make for our year end party. Please sign up your swimmers today so that we know what numbers we are dealing with for this bid day.


So far we have about 25 relays, so keep those coming!!!


Important Notes:



Year-End Party: Please sign up today ! (May 30th)!

This “Family Sprintfest” event is a big part of our year- end awards celebration/dinner. We will have all family and friends join us in the pool for either individual races or a family/friend relay. Then after the races are over we will have our dinner and awards ceremony, this will take place in the gymnasium at the 50 m pool. 

For our team members, please sign the up as per usual. For non-team members or family/friend relay entries please use the following link to sign up on the google document.

This is the best way ever to end the year, please make sure you mark this down on your calendar and come have some great fun. 



Parent Lesson of the week:

No lessons this week, I know you are too busy training for the year-end family sprintfest.


Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:



  1. Year-End Family Sprintfest 2018: May 30th

This is the swimming portion of our year-end celebration. We will have individual sprint events and a family/friend relay. All coaches will be in both individual and team relays. Friends are welcome, you just need to sign them up on the google document (same for family relays).



That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,