Officials Training 2018

Good afternoon Flying Fish families!

To all our returning officials - thank you for being ready to step up and take the training again this year so you can continue to support of fabulous kids. :) 

To any new or returning families who haven't been a swim official before - this is your chance to give it a go. Training to become a stroke and turn judge, referee or starter is just around the corner. If you are new to swimming then this is the perfect opportunity to find out how it all works. Kids keep getting disqualified from races? train as a stroke and turn judge so you get to know the legal strokes. It truly is the best place to see a swim meet - and meets can't happen without officials. 

Officials Clinics:   We need you to participate in one of these trainings so we have options for our officials. The more of us there are the lighter the volunteer load. 
You have two options for in person training: 

       May 19th  from 8-9 am.:   Referees & Starters then   9-11 a.m for Stroke & Turn. If you come to train to be a ref or starter then please stay for stroke and turn training too.  Little Neck Swim Club
        June 6th   from  6-7 p.m for Referees & Starters then  7-9 p.m. for Stroke & Turn - Great Bridge Swim and Raquet Club

 There also is an online option for training at   If you choose this option, you will be reimbursed by the league for the training costs.   (please enter your affiliation as 'Virginia Beach Swim League' when prompted)  You will need to send me your certificate.   Once all are received they will be submitted to the league for reimbursement.  

THANK YOU for participating in this training