Weekly News (May 14-20)

Hello all Panthers,


We have a busy week coming up with all of our dancers on the swim team doing their dress rehearsals. Good luck to all of you, I know you will be amazing. I can’t wait to see you all on Friday night. If you are missing practice on Thursday or Friday, please feel free to come earlier in the week. Especially today to meet Coach Benz!


Important Notes:



Next years new coach visiting today. Come say hi to Coach Benz.


Coach Benz is currently the head of the ASB swim team and will be joining us next year in August. Coach Benz is being hired to replace Coach Ann who left at the winter break. We of course had to wait for Coach Benz to finish his current contract. We are very excited about having him join our coaching team next year.


Awards Dinner meal sign up for non swimmer family members:


All swimmers meals are paid for by the team, but non-swimmer family members will need to sign up on this link and then pay at the CAO office before May 30th



4 more plunger volunteers needed for year-end sprint fest!

Almost there…best seat in the house.


May 21/22 Squad Celebration Breakout Sessions (during regular training times)


Please try your best to attend one of these two training sessions. At this time the coaches will hand out their individual squad awards and celebrate the squad’s achievements at a very personal level. This is a great way for the coaches to show each swimmer how much they care about the time and effort they put into the swim year.

Put this on the calendar and please don’t miss it!



LOOKING GOOD! Year-End Party is filling up (May 30th)!

Schedule for the day:

2:45 Family Sprintfest at the 50 m pool.

4:30 Dinner in New Sports Center Gym (right beside pool) Swimmers eat for free, but parents and non-swim team family members need to pay a small fee.

5:30 Year-end Celebration and Awards Ceremony (also in the NSC gym)

6:30 Year is complete…time to head home

We only have two more weeks to get entries in. Hand entering these relay teams takes much longer than regular meets, so please get your teams together this week if possible. Sign up on the link below.

This is the best way ever to end the year, please make sure you mark this down on your calendar and come have some great fun. 



Parent Lesson of the week:


Parents helping out now:

Here is a NY times article about the issues with tech suits and young swimmers. Seems to becoming a problem in the States.

Thanks to the many parents that sent me this article this past weekend. I think it is very interesting to see how these issues take place back home.

Great read:



Repeat Lesson:

A must read for all parents: Celebrating achievements and praising effort:

As we approach our year end celebration and awards dinner, I really start to think about what we are celebrating and what we are praising our athletes for. It is articles like this one that we really base our decisions on. Please read when you have some free time.


Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:



  1. Year-End Family Sprintfest 2018: May 30th

This is the swimming portion of our year-end celebration. We will have individual sprint events and a family/friend relay. All coaches will be in both individual and team relays. Friends are welcome, you just need to sign them up on the google document (same for family relays).



That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,