Team Sponsors
Weekly update May 15

Hello Swim Parents

Reminders / Important Dates
- Please pick up your raffle tickets(you will need your fundraising deposit chq)$100 deposit  for main pool swimmers(pt&ft) $50 each gulp/transition. Max $200 per family.

The Summer Fun Prize Package Raffle Ticket will include 
-$350 Meat Voucher from Safeway
-$350 Liquor Voucher from Liquor Depot
-$300 Fun Summer Package(lawn chairs, wiener sticks ect)

Deadline to bring back your raffle tickets will be June 20.

- Please make sure to fill out your concussion agreement sheets and return to Kristine Belbeck at the pool .

JUNE 6 - Swim pictures . Sarah from Wetaskiwin Times will be at the pool to take pictures.  All swimmers are expected to attend picture day for team pic. Please sign up on our website under “Events”. If you want siblings photo please leave a message saying “siblings” in the note box. By signing up you are agreeing to pay $15 for a disc with digital pics. 

May 18- Morning Swim 6:30am-8:00am. This is for main pool silver or gold program only. Sign up on our website under “Events”

May 26-Vermillion Swim Meet. This is our first swim meet of the year! Sign up your swimmer by Fri. May 18th and also for a volunteer job on the website. 

Sunday June 3 - Wetaskiwin Swim Meet!  We encourage all our swimmers to participate in this swim meet. 
Everyone “must “volunteer for this meet. Please sign up your swimmer and volunteer job on our website by May 25.

**IMPORTANT ** Under the events tab on the website you will find where to register your swimmer for Swim Meets, morning swims etc. and to volunteer for Parent job positions. Please make sure you edit your “commitment”(attending or not attending) or sign up to volunteer.