Petition to Include a Swimming Pool in the new Peters Township High School


The Peters Township School Board is expected to make a decision within weeks on whether to include a swimming pool in the new Peters Township High School. We urgently seek your support.

Swimming has become one of the most popular activities in the United States.  We are seeing that within our community.  Notwithstanding its poor condition, the existing Peters Township High School pool is constantly being used.  Both the middle school and high school swim teams use the pool for countless hours throughout the school year.  The high school team alone had 45 members this year.  In addition, Peters has a swim club that is flourishing with an all-time high membership of nearly 160 members.  Many of these members go on to compete on the middle school and high school teams. The club includes township residents who are youth members all the way through masters swimmers—adults who continue to swim competitively. The club uses the current pool an average of 38 hours a week, 10 months out of the year. 

The pool in the existing high school was built at the same time as the high school itself, in 1968.  The pool is now 50 years old and well beyond its useful life.  The ventilation and air quality are poor, the viewing area is too small for the number of spectators, the heater is unreliable, and the filtration system is dated.  It requires numerous repairs annually to operate.  As should be expected from a 50 year old pool, there have been several instances where the pool has malfunctioned and become unusable for periods of time, including for a period this year during the school swim season.  Extended shutdowns and costly repairs are a constant risk.  Without a pool to use, there are no other alternatives for the school swim teams or the swim club—neighboring communities do not have enough pool time available for other communities to use.  Whether or not Peters has a pool to use is not a question of finding an alternative, it is a question of whether these swim programs can exist at all in in our community.  

We support the construction of a new high school pool in Peters Township that will benefit the community. In addition to signing the petition, we also ask that you please try to attend the Peters Township School Board meeting on Monday, May 21, 2018 at 7:30 at the Peters Township School District building at 631 McMurray Rd. to show your support!

Additional Facts

All of our neighboring schools either have new pools or are building them.  These include the following:

  • Upper St. Clair – Currently constructing two pools, including a 25 yard 8-lane pool and a special use pool.
  • Bethel Park – Opened in 2012, Bethel Park’s new high school includes a 25 yard 8-lane pool.
  • Mt. Lebanon – Opened in 2013, Mt. Lebanon’s renovated high school includes a 25 yard 8-lane pool.  The Mt. Lebanon community also supports a 50 meter 8-lane outdoor pool.
  • Moon Area – Opened in 2011, Moon’s new high school includes a 25 yard 8-lane pool.
  • Chartiers Valley – Chartiers Valley’s high school is currently undergoing significant renovations, including updating their existing 50 meter 6-lane pool.  Scott Township also supports a 50 meter outdoor pool.
  • Thomas Jefferson ­– Scheduled to open a new high school this year with a 25 yard 8-lane pool.
  • South Park – Opened in 2005, the new high school in South Park, which is a much smaller community than Peters, includes a 25 yard 6-lane pool.
  • Baldwin – Opened in 2009, the new high school high school includes a 25 yard 6-lane pool.

Communities such as Peters Township revolve around the schools and the schools are large factors in determining the desirability of living in communities.  The number of benefits of having a state of the art pool available to our community are endless and include:

  • Community Impact. A new pool provides the opportunity to offer a wide range of programs our community deserves, such as programs for individuals with special needs, master’s swimming, adult swim lessons, family swim sessions, diving instruction and water polo.  If the “water” is built, it could be used to the benefit of the entire community.    
  • Health & Wellness. Swimming is a lifelong sport.  Exercise in the water promotes better health and reduces obesity with reduced risk of injury.  Swimming is considered an ideal physical activity because it (1) is a low impact activity and reduces stress on the joints – it is the most injury-free sport for children, (2) develops coordination by requiring complex muscle movement involving all parts of the body, (3) builds cardiac and respiratory fitness and develops aerobic endurance, (4) promotes muscle development and burns calories, a particular concern with increasing rates of childhood obesity, and (5) is a sport that children with disabilities can participate in.
  • Learn to Swim. The Peters Township Swim Club provides learn to swim lessons for children ages four and up with the goal of teaching swimming skills from beginner through pre-competitive level swimming.  Instruction is provided by many Peters Township High School students who are paid for their services.  Drowning is the second major cause of adolescent deaths in most states.  As perhaps best stated by the well-known swimmer Sabir Muhammad, "[n]o one dies from not being able to play basketball." Swimming is more than just exercise; it is a life-saving skill. To many parents, learning to swim is as much of a priority for their kids as learning the 3 R’s!