SOLO @ DACA May 2018

SOLO was going the distance at the DACA Meet May 19 & 20!

We had some outstanding efforts over the two days. Most turned into lifetime best ever swims. As a look at the record reflected. Because it is Olympic Distance, the entered times are converted for swimmers. Which gives swimmers the idea that a swim might not be their best time. In fact, long course swimming is like its own sport. As Open Water Swimming is to pool swimmers. In fact the times to go to Olympic Trials are only accepted in this format.

Having that understanding is key to having a good look at this weekends events. Even though it was a little on the cool side on Sunday, these swimmers stepped up for the challenge:

Eden B.  50, 100 & 200 fr, 100 fly & bk, 200 IM

Alon B.  BT 100 bk & 200 fr

Alexa C.  BT 50 br, 100 bk & fr

Adele D.  50 fr & bk  BT 200 fr

Sela D.  200 & 400 fr  BT 50 fr

Tzewa D.  BT 50 & 200 fr, 100 br

Emile F.  BT 50 fr & bk, 100 br

Ron F.  BT 50 bk & fr, 200 fr

Suzuka K.  BT 100 fr & br

Karis L. 50 fr  BT 50 bk & 100 br

Julia M. 50 fr  BT 50 bk & 200 fr

Drew N. 200 IM  BT 100 fr & br, 200 fr & br, 400 fr

Evan R. 100 bk

Lulu S.  200 IM & 400 fr  BT 50 & 200 fr, 200 bk

Carson S. 200 fr  BT 50 & 100 fr, 200 bk

Alexandra W. 100 & 200 fr, 200 bk  BT 50 fr & 100 bk

Aaron W.  BT 50 fr & bk

Asher W. BT 50 fr, 100 bk & 200 FR

Years ago we had a swimmer who was an All American, American Record Holder and Olympic Gold Medalist take to the team. The most importatn thing she shared is that it was the JOY in the JOurneY. Not the medals or records, those things may or maynot come on your path.

I can say that we were able to learn and move things forward for our swimmers this weekend. It's time to get focused on the last big regular long course meet of the season. Congratulations to all our swimmers. A special thank you to Katelynn F. for taking the whole SOLO timing obligation. See you at the pool!