Weekly Notes for My 28 - June 2

Practices for May 28-June 2:  NOTE>>> We are now beginning our Summer Practice Schedule.  Calendars are up-to-date.  Also, a pdf of the Group Schedules is located in the Calendars tab.

Monday= NO Practices.     Bronze (T/TH @ HS, 5-5:45;  W/F @ Hillcrest, 7:45-8:30Am;  Saturday @ Hillcrest, 9-10Am.    Silver (T/TH @ HS, 4-5;  W/F @ Hillcrest, 7:30-8:30Am;  Saturday @ Hillcrest, 9-10Am).     Gold (T/TH @ HS, 4-5:15;  W/F @ Hillcrest, 7:15-8:30Am;  Saturday @ Hillcrest, 8:30-10Am).     Platinum (T/TH/F @ Hillcrest, 7-8:30Am;  Wed @ HS, 4:15-5:45;  Saturday @ Hillcrest, 8-9:30Am).     JR-SR (Tue-Fri @ Hillcrest, 6:30-8:30Am;  Wed @ HS, 4:15-5:45;  Saturday @ Hillcrest, 8-10Am).     

Drylands>   Gold (W/F @ Hillcrest, 8:40-9:10Am);     Platinum (T/TH/F @ Hillcrest, 8:40-9:15Am);     JR-SR (Wed @ HS, 3:30-4:05;  T/TH/F @ Hillcrest, 8:40-9:15Am).

Brookings June Meet Commit Deadline>  May 28 (Monday).

Brookings Meet Worker Volunteer Sign-up:  Located in the Events section, click Brookings Meet.

Summer Social Calendar:  Has been posted (pdf) in the Calendars Section (see notes area where schedule pdf's are located).