Important Updates and ACTION items!

Happy first week of practice!!  Woohoo!  We made it through our first practice before the rain set in again—that’s what we call success in Cheshire!  If it is raining today, we will still have practice unless you hear from us.  Swimsuit sales will happen rain, shine and even if practice does get cancelled!  (Checks, cash and credit cards are accepted.)

If you are a new family—ACTION ITEMS

1.        You need to get a password to sign into our website—text Jane at 757-434-0857.  She will get you set up. 

2.       ALSO, if you don’t have Verizon as your wireless carrier, let her know who your carrier is so we can update the system so you can receive texts.  We send out texts for emergencies or last minute changes (like practice cancellations.)

3.       NOTE TO RETURNING FAMILIES:  If you changed wireless providers, please let Jane know so she can update your records!

To all of our families—welcome to our Summer 2018 team!  We currently are 115 strong with over 70 families represented!  Here are some things to remember/action items to take:

·       While school is in session, we will not have practices on Fridays.

·       We will not have practice on the last day of school either!  (Party at the pool, hopefully will be approved by the board!)

·       ACTION:  Next Tuesday, June, 5th is our Team Photos and Pot Luck. Swimmers should wear their team suits.  Please sign up here to bring something to share

·       ACTION:  Next Thursday, June 7th we have Time Trials.  That is where we host a mock swim meet with only our team.  Our swimmers establish their base time for at least one event and our parents get to practice running an event.  The team will provide pizza.  We ask that you bring your own beverages (no glass.)   Please sign up for your volunteer position here 

·       ACTION:  Our first “real” meet is Saturday, June 16th at Greenbrier Country Club.  Please sign up for your volunteer position here

Thank you all for your support and participation in our team!  Working together no one has a heavy lift, no one gets cranky, and I don’t get gray hairs.  (any more gray hairs!)  THANK YOU for your quick response to these action items!

Let’s go Flying Fish!