Update and ACTION ITEMS!!

 Dear Cheshire Swimming Family!

The first week of practice was a great success!  Today is our Picture and Pot Luck!  A few swimmers have not received their swimsuits, if they have last year's wear that.  If they don't wear what they wear to practice.  I have 3 families swimsuits and will bring them with me to the clubhouse.  Your child/ren can put on their suit there.  We will have the pool open after pictures have been taken.  See you at 5:00!

As we start the season, here are a few reminders and action items:

  • ACTION:  All swimmers should bring the following to practice and swim meets:  goggles, swim caps (for all girls and boys with long hair or they need to secure hair out of their face), water, towel.
  • ACTION:  Starting June 18th:  all swimmers are to have their fins (see earlier May 23rd posting under NEWS for type of fins/where to find them)
  • ACTION:  Team suits are to be worn for picture day and swim meets only.
  • ACTION:  Contact Jane at 757-434-0857 to get your password to our website (so you can get info and sign up to volunteer) and to give her your wireless carrier so you will receive our text updates.  Text updates are used for notifications of cancellations and changes due to weather.
  • ACTION--Critical to running a meet:  We still need more parents to be trained as stroke and turn judges.  This is a critical volunteer position and we cannot run a meet right now because not enough parents have agreed to serve as stroke and turn judges.  If you have been trained, please let Jane know at 757-434-0857.  There is training this week on Wednesday, June 6 at GBSRC from 7-9 or you can take the course online.
  • ACTION:  If you haven't signed up to volunteer for Time Trials on Thursday or our first meet vs Greenbrier, please do so asap! 
  • Stroke Clinics will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30-10:00 a.m. this year.  The sign up book will be available at ALL morning practices.  Each clinic is $3 (non-refundable) and payment must be made at the time of sign up.  Stroke clinics are open to all swimmers 7 and over; limited to 12 swimmers; swimmer specific stroke technique will be addressed during the clinic.  In order to be eligible, the swimmer must participate in their practice the morning of the clinic.
  • ACTION:  Swim Meet Sign Outs!  ALL swimmers will be entered into each swim meet UNLESS you sign them out of the meet online--select DECLINE on the team website by 10 a.m. on Tuesdays for Saturday meets and 10 a.m. on Thursday for the one Tuesday meet vs Cavaliers.  In case of emergency (last minute illness or other unforeseen event) please call, text or email Coach Manon at 757-439-0338 (cell) or [email protected]  Please do not assume the message has been received unless you receive a confirmation reply.

Thanks for all of your support and help to ensure our season is another HUGE success!  It takes a village. . . and we couldn't be prouder to volunteer along side you!

Coach Manon and Tracy