Meet signup and information - Greenbrier CC

Calling all Flying Fish!

Swim practice is cancelled for tonight, so the next time we "officially" meet will be on Saturday.  This is our first meet--away--at the Greenbrier Country Club.  Directions to Greenbrier Country Club pool

ACTIONS:  If your family is not able to make this meet and you have not signed OUT yet, please text me asap at 407-963-1094.  If your family is participating, you (the parent) needs to signUP for a volunteer position.  Go the the EVENTS tab on our site,  Text Jane if you are having troubles signing in at 757.434.0857.

Swim Caps come in on Friday!  (I know, they are really cutting it close!)  I will have caps at the pool Friday night and bring the rest to the meet.  There is no practice, the pool is open for all of Cheshire. 

I am waiting to get confirmation of the details of the meet from our hosts, usually we ask our team to be checked in with our Clerk of Course (at the zoo) by 7:15 and practice begins at 7:30 for an away meet.  Meet should start at 8 a.m.  They usually have concessions, but I can't guarantee at this point that they will have coffee.  We all are expected to stay until the end of the meet--event 69--and cheer on our teammates!  We all sit on one side of the pool--as you enter the pool area--it is to the right.  Have your child wear their team suit.  If, for some reason, it hasn't come in, wear last year's.  If you do not have one from last year, text me at 407-963-1094!

ACTION:  Some things to bring to the meet:  tent (if you have one, I will bring one extra), towels, goggles (and an extra if you have them), water (more than you think you will need), black sharpie, healthy snacks, something to occupy your swimmer when they aren't swimming (cards, small craft/bracelet making, coloring book, etc.)  The kids like to sit together and that is great--but no shenanigans, please.

ACTION:  Writing the events on your child's arm--wait until the official list of events are posted at the meet.  Changes happen the day of, and no kid looks cute with big XX's on their arm and a rewrite.  We will post on this site what we believe to be the events each swimmer is in sometime Friday. . . but when we get to the meet. . . oftentimes things change in at least one or two events. . . usually because of no-shows to the meet. 

ACTION:  I know that some of you will want to capture your child's moment in the sun/pool.  Please stay at your volunteer position, so we don't have to stop the meet!  (It's very embarrassing when we have to call out someone who wanders off!  :))  We have a team photographer (Jenn Groves) who is an excellent photographer and you will be amazed at what she will capture. . . and not fall in the pool doing it!  That doesn't mean if you aren't volunteering at that time, you can't take pictures, but please don't leave your volunteer position to do so!

ACTION:  How to get the best seat in the house to see your child?  Volunteer to be a timer or (if you are trained) a stroke or turn judge!  Just a reminder to SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER!  :)

Some things to remember:  Swimmers are not allowed to run or play on any equipment during the meet--especially the foosball table that Greenbrier has!  We love when our swimmers cheer eachother on!  It is a slim side of the pool so walking back and forth is difficult.  We do need help in keeping our ears open for calls to the zoo.  Please talk with your swimmers about this before the meet. We really appreciate it!

Thank you to everyone for your patience with me--and your great enthusiasm!  Together we make an AWESOME team!  Go Flying Fish!


P.S.  Big Fish/Little Fish will come out later today!