BIG FISH little fish ACTION Items!

 By now you should have recieved an email with an attachment listing our Big Fish/Little Fish.  With so many swimmers this year, we really need our Big Fish to step up and mentor.  
ACTION:  I am asking all parents to talk with their Big Fish about the responsiblity and ask them to do the following at Saturday's meet, and every meet thereafter until their LIttle Fish is comfortable:

  • Make sure they write their events on their arm correctly--do it with them on Saturday.
  • Make sure they are at the zoo on time. 
  • If they are nervous, please quietly stay with them at their chair in line to swim (especially for the young ones.)  Do this only if you have the time--don't be late for the zoo yourself!
  • Invite them to sit with you and your friends and do whatever activity you are doing when waiting for your event.
  • Cheer them on!

Swim is a team sport--and we need to make sure all of our swimmers feel part of the team.  If you see a swimmer standing by themselves or appear to be on the outside looking in, reach out to them.  Invite them into your circle.  You never know who you may meet--and you may make someone's day!  Thank you for taking on this leadership role!  Together we make Flying Fish GREAT!!


Big fish little fish list 2018


Tracy Tucker
Flying Fish Team Rep

[email protected] 

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