Week of June 25th ACTION ITEMS & Update!

WOOHOO! This week is our 3rd meet vs. Riverwalk! That means we are halfway through our regular season! Time flies!!!

ACTION:  We will be "travelling" to Riverwalk which is about 10 minutes away. Please make sure you SIGN OUT your swimmer if they will not be able to participate by TUESDAY. If your swimmer(s) are participating, then please sign up for a volunteer position. Thank you for not making me call on folks--you guys are doing an amazing job volunteering and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that!

see event here

ACTION:  BEFORE our meet on Saturday, we have a FUN MEET & Pot Luck on Wednesday 5 pm-9:00.  Jude is firing up his breakfast grill so we are theming our Pot Luck BREAKFAST FOR DINNER!  Please sign up to bring something.  Drinks are on your own--adult and kiddie.  No glass please.  Sara Gregg and Bren Bowman are planning the FUN MEET and have asked for two things:   please bring some spare change for our "kid change dive" and wear your suits because there will be family relays!  This is always a great time and I can't wait to see what happens this year!  We are in need of an MC for the night, so if you are willing to be our Main Mic, please send me an email!  Special thanks to Sara and Bren for making this night a memorable one!  see event here

ACTION:  BIG FISH/Little Fish. Hopefully by now your fishes have connected. If anyone hasn't met their Big/Little fish, let me know so we can make introductions. So far, I've only asked Big Fish to take a lead in the relationship, however, if you've got a little fish it would be nice if they would make a drawing/note for your Big Fish--and of course cheer on their Big Fish! if you can't find your fish, then look at the top left of the website - above where it says "Cheshire Forest Flying Fish' - you will see a 'members' link there - this is a directory of all our team members. Find your fish there!

Ribbons from our first two meets and photographs will be out at practice on Wednesday so look for the Ribbon Box to pick them up!

Thank you so much for your continued support of our neighborhood summer team!ý We couldn't do it without your help and great attitudes!  GO FLYING FISH!!


Flying Fish Team Rep
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