AWAY MEET On Saturday vs. Riverwalk

Our meet is AWAY this Saturday at Riverwalk (701 Riverwalk Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23320).  Please be checked in at the zoo by 7:15.

We will sit on the far side of the pool.  It is shady.  Our zoo will be right as you walk into the pool.  If you haven't done so already, please sign up for a volunteer position under the events tab.  All families who have a child participating must volunteer at least one half of the meet.  Thank you for stepping up and signing up!

They will have someone helping to tell us where to park.  Please follow their rules and park where they tell you to.  They are a neighborhood pool and we want their neighbors to continue to support swim team activities.

They will have concessions with all the normal yummy food things.  I recommend you bring additional water to keep hydrated.

If you haven't picked up your swim cap, we will bring some to the meet.  And some extras in case yours tears.  Please make sure you bring extra goggles.  We don't have any extras of those.

Ribbons and pictures are in the Ribbons box.  I will have it at practice on Friday.  We have so many 1st-5th winners, we've run out already and will be picking some additional ones up in the next week!  So if your swimmer tells you s/he won more ribbons--let them know they are coming!

I hope you all enjoyed the fun meet--and please take a moment to thank Jude Donato, Jarett Heller and the Dad squad who helped make all that bacon, sausage and pancakes--and thank the Gregg family for organizing all of the fun right after coming back from Paris (talk about troopers!)  Tonight is always one to remember.  Thank you for making it so special!