Save the Dates


Hi Team,

Congrats on a very exciting meet against Woodridge last night! There are a couple things coming up:

  • July 10 Home meet- SENIOR NIGHT. We will be honoring our graduating seniors this evening during our last home meet. Our seniors are: Seth Babb, Danielle Lopez, Michaela Stone, Sheridan Turoczi, and Daniel Xentaras.
  • July 21 DIVISION 1 Championship Meet- Just a reminder to sign your family up for some portion of the day. We need the help of everyone! Job signup same as regular meets (with a lot more slots to fill.)
  • July 24 TEAM PICNIC- a few changes here since the original email. Dinner is on US- no pot luck this year. We know you are all working hard, and we will want to celebrate hosting a successful Divisional meet, so dinner is our treat! We do need a commitment though (yes or no) in the same way as the meets. 

Enjoy your holiday!

New Holland Swim Team