Home Meet Reminders


Hi Team, 

Our first home meet was a success! From the computer system to the food stand, and everywhere in between we ran a very smooth and efficient meet. Just a few reminders about home meets:

  • Swimmers: you are encouraged to stay with the team. Cheering each other on and hanging out with your teammates is very important for team unity, and is a really good time! Electronics during the meet are discouraged.
  • Parents: Keep working on those volunteer hours! We do not expect anyone to miss their child's events. It is acceptable to take a short break from your duty for the duration of your child's race.
  • Spectators: Stay clear of the team area. It is important for our athletes to focus on swimming, and team spirit. Having non-swimmers in the team area is a huge distraction.We welcome the swimmers friends and family to come watch and cheer- but it must be done from the spectator side of the pool. 
  • Please do not approach the scoring table unless absolutely necessary. We will announce results and scores as that information becomes available, any other questions a swimmer may have should be directed to the coach. 
  • Set up/Tear Down: Everyone can help with this- even if its just taking a handful of stopwatches and clipboards to the head table or carrying tables and chairs back to the shed- it all helps us get home faster. Thanks!

We are looking forward to a great meet against Woodridge where we can really show our Dolphin spirit! Let our words and actions reflect good sportsmanship and character. Go Dolphins!

New Holland Swim Team