Seniors 12 Hour Workout!

Thursday June 28th the seniors from HRVST and Madras combined forces and did a 12 Hour Workout.  No, we didn't swim for 12 hours silly!  We spent 12 hours working on learning how to be better swimmers AND teammates thru:

*  Teambuilding activities - we learned more about each other, had to work cooperatively to solve problems from getting helium sticks to the ground, playing beach blanket volleyball, getting a hoola hoop around the circle without unlocking arms, and everyones favorite after out leg work, we did a little more with a walking trip to Mike's Ice Cream!

* Transcend Play's very own Mike Howard from Hood River talked about the Mental Side and gave coaches and athletes more tools to use to improve performance when it counts

* Sara Nelson from Madras taught the athletes about core engagement thru Pilates exercises

* Karen Wright discussed the importance of nutrition and especially how it relates to training and competition.  Why is it that we are supposed to drink water?  What fuels are body when?  PS.  She is an awesome artist as well!! 

*  And yes, we did swim twice, one IM 200 pace focused workout in Hood River then a 50m pool workout in The Dalles focused on freesylte.

*  And we wrapped up with dinner at Spooky's in The Dalles after our 50m swim time.  

Swimmers (and coaches!) were all pooped, but I'm happy to report it was a rousing success!  Can't wait for next year!