Lots More Fun Still To Come In 2018 So Watch Our Web Site

The first week of July is going to be busy with a meet on Tuesday in Culpeper and a meet on Friday in Lousia.   Remember the coaches are doing the meet line up and the parents are trying to organize the meet so please let us know either way that you are coming or can't so everyone can plan ahead (see to do this easily).

Just a quick reminder that for the month of July we are on our normal practice schedule:

  • morning 7-8 am and 8-9 am
  • evening 6-7 pm and 7-8 pm

The kids have been learning so FAST all of the coaches are excited to see them swim.  After a busy week we can enjoy a nice relaxing tubing trip down the James River on Saturday July 7th.   For more details please check out  We have another team social / party on Saturday July 21st at Amy Williams house.  

We have some team suits coming in that you can buy on the spot and will be putting an order together for team shirts as well.

Please watch our web sites.  There is always something special being added.

Thanks for a great season so far - keep it up!

Cosmo and Nathan