Gas Leak Today


This morning at practice, Coach Josh smelled gas near the diving well.  He reported it to me, and I called 911.  We ended 8-U practice and cleared the diving well.  A fire truck came and they determined that the gas was leaking from a recently filled propane tank behind the Braddock Inn.  They shut atoff the gas and informed us that it was safe to continue practice.  I just wanted everyone to hear from me what happened in case there were any concerns

Today at 12:45 the team is meeting at the Holiday Cinemas (100 Baughmans Lane in Frederick) for a 1:00 showing of Sherlock Gnomes (rated PG).  Cost is $3.50, and pickup time is 2:30.  Families & friends are welcome to join in.  Hope to see you then!

Go Barracudas!

Coach Holly