Reg VIII News


Reg. VIII Coaches,
In advance of our business meeting at Jenks next week here are a few updates and business items that you should be aware of. 
OME closes Monday July 9 at 7:00 PM CDT
Initial Psych goes out Monday July 9 at 9:00 PM
Corrections or deletions will be accepted until Tuesday July 10 at 5:00 PM CDT ( check meet book for further details on this process) Check Meet Book for details on making new entries after the close of the OME. 
Final Psych available Tuesday July 10 approx: 10:00 PM CDT  Hard copies available at the venue Wednesday morning. 
Following up from the discussions at Columbia this Spring here are a few recommendations to consider that would help shorten the finals timelines. There was strong support to work on the Spring and Summer timelines and these items are a result of those discussions. They are offered  here for for consideration at the summer meet and also for the spring 2019 meet in Columbia. 
Move all relays to the morning session at the end of prelims. Swim women top 2 heats slow to fast, then Men top 2 heats slow to fast, then alternate women and men fastest to slowest.
In finals announce the B heat in the water similar to the what we do now for the C&D heats. This would save approx. 10-15 minutes depending on number of events.
Start Saturday finals at 4:30 PM instead of 5:00 PM. This is a change of 30 minutes from current practice. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday finals currently start at 5:30  Summer meet only. Additional time changes will be presented for the spring meet. 
Spring Time Standard Revisions:
Another recommendation from the spring meet was to review the time standards. It has been several years since the last review and with the attendance numbers up this study was recommended. 
Many thanks and appreciation go  out to coach Carmen Menges who worked up an impressive presentation that illustrates where the section is with numbers and what the relationship is between the Region VIII and the other CZ sections.  We want to start the discussion now for implementation at the 2019 Spring Sectional at Columbia. 
Coaches find attached a PPT on the data and proposals for next spring sectionals time standards.  The lead in slides show graphs of the disparity of number of swimmers per event as well as bonus swims.  This lead to the justification of leaving the 400 distances and above times as is and then adjusting the MW100 Breast, W100 Fly, W100 Back and W200 Back slightly more than the remaining events.  The ending slides show were we would be as compared to Section 1 and 3 of the Central Zone
With the new cuts, we would drop about 70 girls and 60 boys.  Doing a quick check comparison from spring sectional results 2015 and 2017.  The section is  SO much faster this last 2018 sectionals that it did not make sense to average the last 3 years and use that formula that people have told me about.  
Contact Coach Menges for additional explanation: 
Carmen Menges
(816) 918-3773


 Starting with this summer the section agreed to permit up to 100 athletes to attend the summer meet since numbers were less than spring. We are welcoming 56 athletes from the Scarlet Aquatics Club New Jersey Head Coach Ken O'Reilly, 13 athletes from YMCA of the North Shore Sharks Massachusetts ,Coach Janet Harty and 1 athlete from Azura Florida whose sister is swimming in the meet.  I am confident the Region VIII will show these visitors our usual southern hospitality and welcome to Oklahoma.
Safe travels to Jenks,
Best Regards,
Paul Thompson
Region VIII Chair