Officials Needed for TCSL Champs

Calling all Tri-County Swim League Officials!

As you know, a great meet can be organized but cannot be executed without the assistance of great officiating - we need you!  There are 4 sessions and if your swimmer(s) will be participating, please volunteer to be on deck and help us run an efficient and fair meet for all. Please consider helping even for additional sessions other than when your athlete(s) swims.

Send an email to Miriam at [email protected] with the following information so we know you are volunteering.

  1. Name - first and last
  2. Level of experience/certification, i.e. TCSL trained only, YMCA level #, USA level #
  3. All sessions you can help out
    • Friday AM - Session 1 (13 & O)
    • Friday PM - Session 2 (11-12)
    • Saturday AM - Session 3 (9-10)
    • Saturday PM - Session 4 (8 & U)