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Letter to Alaska Swimming Families

Click Here to read letter from Alaska Swimming about the upcoming changes to the Alaska swim season and it meets that will start during the 2010-2011 season.

To our Alaskan Swim Families:

Recently, Alaska Swimming held its annual Board of Directors/House of Delegates   meeting.  I would like to share some of the exciting changes for our upcoming 2010-2011 swim season.

The first big change that parents should be aware of is that Age Groups will no longer be held in December. We are encouraging each area to hold their respective annual Championship Meets the first or second weekend of December. The thought being that more swimmers will be able to participate in a December championship with more meets and localized travel. This enhances their development and motivates them to qualify for a later in the short course season Age Group Champs meet. It is also a fun meet for our older swimmers after a very intense High School season and provides the opportunity for them to mentor our younger swimmers.

Secondly our age group swimmers will have their Championship Meet three weeks prior to the start of Northwest Age Group Sectionals. The thought here is that more swimmers will qualify for and be in their best competitive condition conveniently prior to Age Group Sectionals.

Another date change has been made for the Great Alaska Open so that it is at least three weeks prior to Northwest Senior Sectional Meet. The reasoning here is the same as for Age Groups.  Dates of these meets will be set each year after the dates have been selected for both Senior Sectionals and Age Group Sectionals. Rotation for these meets will not be changed.

Junior Olympics has also been moved to the last weekend in April. This gives our swimmers more training time post sectional meets, lengthens our swim season, and generally avoids state education testing periods, spring holidays and the many proms. There is still discussion on the table as to the format of this meet. Will it be long course or short course or possibly alternate? Please weigh into this discussion with your team boards and coaches. We are coming to the realization that future use of the Bartlett Pool during summers is not necessarily an option as it may become a seasonal pool.

Other changes are:

·        The extension of qualifying periods for state championship meets to 16 months.

·        The creation of our own Alaska Series Meet based off of the USA Swimming IMX Championship Format. Please encourage your swimmers to compete in the events selected by USA Swimming so they can be included in the Alaska Series Meet. The time frame for this short course yards series is September 1 – August 31. We have a sponsor for this series from Swim America for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Thank you Cindy Pitta! All tracking is done by our Records Chair through results from every meet uploaded into SWIMS. Thank you Carolyn Frey!

At the meeting, we also took time to recognize this year’s ConocoPhillips 2010 Outstanding Service Award goes to Greg McDuffie!  Thank you, Greg for your many years of service to Alaska Swimming.

As you all can see we have made some substantial changes to Alaska Swimming this year. We are excited and believe that the impact will be very positive for all of us! Much preparation, thought and discussion went into this and we hope that you will enjoy these changes and that your swimmers will be as excited and passionate about the sport as we all are!

Thank you!    

Ramona Reeves                                                                                                          General Chair ASI