Week of July 8th Action Items!
11 & olders have the 7:15 practice this week! 6&under are 8-8:30. And the 7-10s get to sleep in until 8:30! It's our crunch time with 2 meets this week. Because of Tuesday's meet, there will be NO practice on Wednesday. ACTION: Tuesday's meet is at the Cavalier Country Club. We recommend you take a route that does not include the highway. Be checked in to the zoo by 4:45. Our warm ups are 5-5:15. The meet will begin at 5:30. All team members are to stay until the end of the meet. If anyone needs a ride or their child needs a ride, let me know asap. Please make sure you have either signed up to volunteer or signed your swimmer out of the meet. At this time Coach is working on the meet, so if you have not signed OUT of the meet, and will not be able to attend, please text Coach at