Results - Cheshire Forest vs Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club - 10th July 2018

Congratulations Flying Fish!

Cheshire Forest 382
Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club 355

The full results are in. Click here

If you would like to know the reason your swimmer was disqualified - Coach Manon will have all the information by practice tomorrow. 

Our last regular meet is this coming Saturday July 14th against Indian Lakes. Then coach will then immediately be selecting swimmers to compete at Divisionals (July 28th at our pool). Please make sure you sign out of both meets as soon as possible if your swimmer cannot compete.

Coach needs to know if your swimmer cannot compete at Divisionals by THIS SUNDAY 15th July as she will be selecting the lineup first thing on Monday morning. Even if you don't think your swimmer will be chosen - still please declare through the website if they cannot attend. If Coach enters them for an event and the meet is seeded (organized and agreed upon by all 7 team representatives) then your swimmer cannot necessarily be replaced - someone else on the team will have lost their chance to compete at Divisionals. 

VBSL Porpoise Division fun fact...
The Division Champion will be the team with  the best won/lost record within its division during the regular (pre Divisionals) season. If there is a tie then there are a few other ways of deciding, but - as a last resort - the winning team is decided by 
"The winner of a 25-meter freestyle "swim-off" between the competing teams' Head Coaches." That's right! - Coach Manon would have to go head to head with another Coach to decide who wins! How fun would that be?? I would really like to see that :)
(from  SECTION 4 - Xl.  DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP MEET (C. Updated May 2014) J.4.) Rules


Flying Fish Team Rep
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