What to Look Forward to the Rest of the Season!

I know.  I know.  It’s mid-July and our last regular meet is on Saturday.  The End of Year Party is Thursday (July 19th) and you think swim is over?  NOT SO FAST!

  1. Practice will continue just as it has all summer—all the other teams are practicing, we are the only team without a meet on Saturday, July 21st.  We want to stay to stay in our BEAST mode! 7-10 year olds swim at 7:15.  6&under are at 8:00.  11&older swim at 8:30.  There will be swim clinics as well.
  2. There is a good likelihood that if your family is going to be in town for Divisionals that you will have a swimmer in Divisionals.
  3. We are hosting Divisionals so we will need volunteers—especially with Set Up, Concessions, Heat Sheet Sales, 50-50 Raffle and my favorite, the ZOO!!

What are Divisionals?  That is the meet where the best of each team (or whomever is available) swim against each other—so all of the teams in our Division in one meet.  From this meet, the Best of the Division are determined and they swim in AllStars (August 4th.)  That is hosted by another team. 

Why, oh why, are we hosting again this year?  Well, we are lucky to be able to host again this year because our swim team makes money during Divisionals through concessions, sponsorships, heat sheet sales and t-shirt sales.  This money allows us to keep our swim registration fees low and we can bank some of the Divisional profits for big (capital) expenses—like the lane lines we have ordered so we don’t have to MacGyver the darn things anymore.  (Don’t worry, they had a long, well-loved life—and were original to our team.) 

Here’s some other good news:  all teams will be providing judges and timers, so we don’t have to provide as many as we have in the regular meets—but there are other different opportunities to help out!  And we need your help!!

ACTION:  So what do we need you to do?

  1.  Sign out your swimmer if you are out of town.  Our coaches will start putting the team together after our meet on Saturday—so don’t walk, run to and sign out!  You don’t want to be the reason we have to take out a relay because your child is registered to swim but not there—there’s no reconfiguring the day of in Divisionals!  :)
  2. If you are in town, please sign up to help with Divisionals, EVEN if your swimmer isn’t swimming.  Last year we ran out of some of the food (GREAT JOB selling things Concessions volunteers!) so you never know who may need to make a burger run in the middle of the meet!  Or help be our Parking Security (I’m not kidding!)  Or help do the ribbons so that all ribbons are done that day!  Or be a runner, water person, person who keeps Tracy sane. . . there are many special roles that day!

Thursday, July 19th is our Year End Party.  We cater this event but ask you to bring your won beverages.  The pool will be open.  We will eat, we will listen to music, we will have awards and watch the annual Jenn & Aimee video (Jenn, the photographer, Aimee the video producer.)  AND, our Divisionals Team will be announced!!!

I can’t thank all of you enough for your support, hard work, and great spirits!  It has been my pleasure to serve as your Team Manager.  And, I thank God every day for some of our other key volunteers:  Jane, Jude, Michele, Ron, Jenn, Aimee, Theresa, Donna & the Set Up Dudes.  They work every meet, and do a lot of work during the week so things run smoothly and seemingly like magic.  You guys make Flying Fish look GOOD!!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Tracy 407-963-1094/[email protected]