Meet Entries and Action Items for our Home Meet vs Indian Lakes - Saturday

Hello Flying Fish - important information about next week plus the entries for our home meet against Larchmont - this Saturday 14th July - at the bottom of this email - but please read the middle bit too - it's important and interesting I swear. 

Practice this coming week - starting Tuesday 17th - will be for all swimmers - not just for Divisional swimmers. There are changes to the normal times - see below. 


Daily (M-F) 7:15-08:00 AM

Daily (M-F)     08:00-08:30 AM Daily (M-F)
8:30-09:15 AM
Tuesday and Thur               
08:00-08:55 PM


Tuesday  17th to
Thursday 19th July

Practice is open to all swimmers Tuesday through Thursday this week

7, 8, 9 and  
10 yr olds
6 yrs and under 11 yrs 
and older

Summer School/Camp - all ages -
must be pre-approved by coach.

No stroke clinic on Monday -
there will be clinics
on Tuesday and Wednesday

For Divisionals Swimmers only 

Monday 23rd July - Friday 27th July 2017

Divisional Swim Practice
7:30 to 8:15 am - 11 and over
8:15 to 9:00 am - 10 and under

**Any divisional swimmer who needs to attend night practice -- please contact coach Manon - [email protected]

All Stars swimmers only
dates to be determined
Times to Be Announced

Who gets to go to the Divisional Championship meet? "All VBSL swimmers must participate in a majority of regularly scheduled dual meets to be eligible for Divisional and/or All-Star Championship meets." Coach will pick the swimmers with the fastest times first, but swimmers who are not the fastest may also be chosen if the fastest swimmers are not available. Even if a swimmer has a 'NT' they can still be chosen in certain circumstances - as long as they meet the 'majority' requirement. 
Who gets to go to the All-Star Championship meet? - "Individual entrants for the meet will be the 12 fastest swimmers, plus the next two (2) fastest swimmers as alternates only, from all divisions based on times achieved during the divisional championship meets." - There are 3 divisions in our League. So we will not know who gets through to All-Stars until all three Divisional meets are scored. Just because a swimmer comes first in our Divisional meet doesn't necessarily mean they will go to All-Stars. It is possible that 12 other swimmers in the two other Divisions acheived a faster time.  

Entries for our last regular meet of the season - this Saturday 14th July...
By event
By name

Please remember to check on the board the morning of the meet as these entries may change at the last minute.

  • Jude and team will be setting up for the meet starting at 7:30 Friday. Help is always welcome!
  • Swimmers must check in at the zoo by 7 am. Warm Ups will begin at 7:10 a.m. 
  • Timers and Judges meeting will be at 7:45 beside the clubhouse.

Looking forward to seeing you poolside on Saturday!
Go Flying Fish!

Flying Fish Team Rep

[email protected] 

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