Results - Cheshire Forest vs Indian Lakes 14 July 2018

Well done to all our Flying Fish athletes and families. What a long meet we had on Saturday!

Indian Lakes Stingrays - 382
Cheshire Forest 365

The full results are here

If you would like to know the reason your swimmer was disqualified - Coach Manon will have all the information by practice on Tuesday and I will post the DQ report just as soon as I finish typing it up. Email to follow. 
If you would like to know how to view all of the results for your swimmer - to see how they did thi year as compared to last year - or how they improved over the course of the season - click here for the 'how to'. I added it to the 'parent information' tab of the website too. Lots of good links at the bottom of that page. 


Tracy Tucker 
Flying Fish Team Rep

[email protected] 

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