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July 15 Meet results

Congratulations to the Hurricanes for winning our first meet of the season.  Brookside defeated the Sea Devils 2711.5 - 2073.5.  Results have been posted and can be viewed using this  link.

We now have two meets remaining in the season.  This week we travel to Lake Manassas and then the divisional meet is in Dale City.

Reminders for swimmers and parents.

1.    PWSL does not allow markings on the body from markers - other than event numbers on hands.  We have started to see some artwork appearing on swimmers - this is to protect the pool lounge equipment the markers rub off and ruin deck chairs and lounges

2.    PWSL and USA swimming prohibits photography - still and video from behind the start end of the pool - this is a safety measure for our swimmers.  These pictures may only be taken from the side or the finish end of the pool.

3.    Caps - Swimmers will be required to wear a Brookside cap at the divisional meet and should be wearing them now.  The divisional meet will be big and our coaching staff will need to be able to identify our swimmers in the pool.  If your swimmer likes to wear a specialized cap that is fine, but the Brookside cap should be placed over this - check with your coaching staff.

This week's spirit night is going to be a surprise new treat for the Hurricanes.  Lets continue the winning streak into the next two weeks and finish strong.  

See you on deck.

Go Hurricanes!!!!!!!!!!!