DACA July Meet Brings Records

The DACA July Meet Rocked!

This was the general end of season meet for the whole team. The times were fast and we had a fantastic weekend!

Many of the SOLO swimmers also swim in local summer meets. As the Championships took place on Sunday for those, most swimmers raced at the DACA Meet on Saturday. Then crushed both year round and summer, ha!

Congratulations to the following swimmers on a great meet:

Lexi C  BT 50 br, 100 bk & IM

Karis L  BT 50 bk & 100 br

Julia M  BT 200 fr

Robbie K  BT 50 fr, New Far Western 50 bk & FW and Team Record 200 bk

Adrian K  BT 50 fr & 100 br

Eden B  BT 100 br

Sela D  BT 200 IM

Lulu S  BT 200 IM

Drew N  BT 50, 100 & 200 fr, 200 br & fly

Asher W  BT 50 & 200 fr

Alexandra W  

Evan R

What a way to knock out the summer!

Robbie was on fire as you can see. Setting the New Team Record of 2:18.67 for the 200 back. He will head to the Far Wester Championships the end of July! We are proud of all the swimmers! It's a JOurneY and we need to keep the JOY to swim fast and love swimming! Go SOLO!