Welcome to LC Southeastersn


Welcome to 2018 LC Southeasterns!
Student Aquatic Center: 3:30p-6:30p, 4 lanes only will be open for warm up
Allan Jones:  warm ups 3:30p-4:45p
*you may pick up your coach’s packets at the clerk of course near the diving well at Allan Jones
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Student Aquatic Center: Doors open at 6:00a, warm ups 7:15a-8:45a ( click here for 12 under warm-schedule)
Allan Jones: Doors open at 6:45a, warm ups 7:15a-8:45a (open warm ups)
Finals – Allan Jones: warm ups 3:45p-4:45p
*Diving Well:  During warm ups the diving wells will be closed to help with air quality. Diving wells will open 15min before the sessions start.
Format of the Meet:
Chase Starts:
Chase Starts will be used at Allan Jones only for all events except 800 and 1500
Odd Heats will start on Diving Well End
Even Heats will start on Score Board End
50s at Allan Jones will run odd heats on Diving Well End and even on Score Board End
*There will be no chase starts at Student Aquatic Center
400 IM and 400 Free are setup to alternate Girls/Boys, Girls will start on Diving Well end, and Boys will start on Scoreboard end

800s & 1500s:
All 800 and 1500s will start on the diving well side of the pool
Reminder that 800 and 1500s will be combined and swum as 13&Over at meet. The timeline does not reflect this order.
Heat Sheets:
Heat sheets will be on meet mobile, posted behind the blocks and at clerk of course, we will also post on our website:  We will also have heat sheets for coaches each day at the clerk of course at each pool.
Estimated Timeline as of 7-12-18
Real Time Link(meet mobile will also be used)
Psych Sheet as of 7-18-18, 12:31pm
Warm up Lane Assignments
Parking update for Coaches:
We have secured free parking for coaches.  We have limited free spots.  Teams that requested a pass on OME will receive one pass. We will have some extra passes for teams determined by the number of swimmers in the meet. All passes are numbered and registered/logged to your team.
*VERY IMPORTANT - POLICE WILL BE TICKETING AND TOWING IN LOTS G2-3 if you do not have the correct pass. There are other events on campus so please park in the lot on your pass.

1) Please ensure that the parking pass issued at registration is displayed on your dashboard for lots G2, G3,
2) For all other parking:
1.  Metered parking may be available on the Volunteer Blvd.
2.  All other parking for parents and visitorswill be located at the parking garage across the street from our facilities.  Parking will be $5.00 each entryinto garage.

*If you choose to not park at the designated areas, you are parking at your own risk and could be subjected to being towed and ticketed.

Coach Check In:
Please come to the clerk of course to pay fees, show your coach credentials.  All coaches must have current USA membership to be able to sign in and be on deck.  Please make your registration is current.  Tom Healey will be there if you have any questions.

Coaches Meeting – Hospitality Tent, Friday- 8:45am

Athlete/Team Areas:
Allan Jones-
We have bleachers and grandstands available for swimmers to sit during the meet.
1) Bleachers – please make room for teams on the limited number of bleachers on deck.
2) Section 158 upstairs is the only section available for swimmers to sit during the meet upstairs.  We have sectioned the section off and ask swimmers to use the stairwell at the diving end of the pool to access 158. Swimmers are not allowed to camp out upstairs in the concourse behind the grand stands.
3) Coaches may have chairs but must fold up and place on bleachers at the end of the session for floors to be cleaned.
4) Visitor locker rooms on deckand bathrooms upstairs near the Olympic Rings will be available for athletes.
5) Only Coaches/Officials may use the bathroom upstairs, behind the press box.

Student Aquatic Center-
1) The deck is available for swimmers to sit and camp out.  Please remind your swimmers not to camp out behind the blocks or near the start ends.
2) There is space available for pop up tents around the outside of the pool in the grass and on the cement.  You may not set up any tent in front of a door.
3) Bleachers should be saved for parents and spectators.
4) Swimmers and parents may also camp out in the upstairs lobby.  But they may not camp out and put chairs in the down stairs lobby.
5) Also, please make sure swimmers and coaches do not stand/sit in front of the bleachers for spectators. They cannot see swims and get a little rowdy.
5) The SAC will be hot this weekend, so plan accordingly, fluids, light clothing.
6) Locker Rooms available for all athletes and spectators.
Medical Issues
There are lifeguards on duty throughout the day at both the facility in case any issue occurs.  Please alert lifeguard if you need aid.
Hospitality will be in the Green/White tents outside near the diving well.




Jackie B. Bertucci