Things to know for the last few days of the regular season

 Things to know for the last few days of the regular season:


7/21 - Divisionals : Bring one to get one, goodie bags! $5 limit on the contents, please no nuts. Need ideas to fill your bag? How about a sports drink, healthy snacks, treats, candy, fruit, and small game or toy to help pass time. Please think gender and age neutral. The bag you give could be picked up by a girl or boy, age 6 to 18 years old :)

7/22  - Season ending celebration indoor picnic! The team will provide main dish (chicken) sides and drinks. Families please bring desserts to share. Suggestions: A-M cupcakes or cookies, N-Z brownies or ready to eat fruit. 

Again this year, we will have Coaches corner, with a bag labeled for each coach. If you wish to give a personal thank you, please use these bags. This is your own personal option.  A Handwritten note from the swimmer to suggestions: Holly- Amazon, Walmart, your favorite restaurant. Robby- Amazon, Walmart, Subway.  Reilly- Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart.  Kayla-Amazon, Dunkin, Target.  Lizzie-Amazon, Target, Visa. Josh- Amazon, Chick-fil-A, Sheetz.  


7/23-7/27  - All Star qualifiers only have practice, from 9a-10a. Please declare for the meet. It is the team's pleasure to pay the meet entry fees, but we need to know who is going to attend. Also, All-Star families, we will have volunteer requirements that we must fulfill! We do not yet have those assignments, but be on the lookout. We will need you!  

The family box will be at the picnic. Please empty your family folder.


On a personal note:

I cannot believe we have come to last few days of the regular season.  It has been my privilege to be on the parent board these past 6 years, and President these past 3 years. It was a quite an experience!  I am looking forward to the great tradition of the BHST continuing on with the incoming board for years to come.  It’s all about our kids.

Braddock Heights Barracuda’s, ARE a team above all and above all a team!

Thank you for a great season !

BHST Parent Board 2018