Lane Lines Coming Tomorrow Afternoon--HELP NEEDED!

Yaay!  Our lane lines are arriving tomorrow.  But here's the scoop--they stay on the 18 wheeler until we get them off!  I am going to need all hands on deck for anyone who is around Cheshire when they come in!  The box is between 400-500 lbs!  My thinking is that we will need to break into the packaging and get each one out individually and carry it to the lane wheel.   The wheel is too big to come to the truck so we will be carefully taking the line to the wheel.  I know, not easy, but WE CAN DO IT!  The trucking firm told me that they will be in Cheshire between 2-5 p.m. on Monday!

Thank you for your help with this!  Just one more reason I'm glad these things last 12-15 years!  Who knew?!?