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2018 Divisional Meet Information

Welcome to the 2018 Divisional meet hosted by Dale City Frogs.  Below is all the information Dale City has provided for the 2018 GREEN Divisional meet.  

Most important thing to take away is please have swimmers at the pool to checkin early.  Brookside has the second warmup session 6:15 - 6:30 so we need to be checked in before this time.  We will begin checkin at our designated team area, see information below, at 5:50am.

Dale City has decided to sell heat sheets Saturday so we will not be able to provide the meet program before hand.  

See you bright and early Saturday.

Team Area Assignments

The Dale City Frogs (DCST) Team area will be in the grassy area inside the pool fence, the grassy area immediately adjacent thereto outside the pool fence and a section of the parking lot near concessions (see map). Brookside Hurricanes (BHST) Team Area will be the grassy areas next to the playground by pavilion 1 and the parking lot. Meadowbrook Makos (MMST) Team Area will be grassy area adjacent to pavilion 1 past pavilion 2.


Concessions will be located in front of the adjoining building (see map). Breakfast items such as coffee, Chick Fil-A biscuits, donuts, bagels, fruit, milk, cereal, waffles, juice, muffins will be available early at concessions. Chick Fil-A sandwiches, Paisano’s Pizza, burgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, fruit, cereal bars, muffins, baked goods, yogurt, cheese, Gatorade, water, soda, candy available all day. Please encourage all to bring small bills.

Deck Information

The deck is accessible to officials, coaching staff, team photographers and volunteers for that shift ONLY. No one who is not performing a meet shift job will be allowed on the deck area. Marshals will be posted at the entry point for enforcement. Swimmers allowed on deck only for their swims or for relay organization.

Deck access badges will be issued to each team for distribution the morning of the meet. The badges are to be worn by the volunteers during the shift they are working. The badges should be discarded immediately upon completion of a shift. The badges should not be shared or worn by anyone not working at the meet. Anyone not wearing a badge will not be admitted onto pool deck.

Parking DO’s:

• Street parking is available on Birchdale Ave & other roads in the neighborhood near the pool.

• Turley Field (15011 Birchdale Ave, Dale City, VA 22193) – 30 parking spaces available in baseball field lot directly across from pool. Drive down Birchdale Ave past the buildings to the entrance to the parking lot (see parking map)

• Good Shepherd United Methodist Church (14999 Birchdale, Dale City, VA 22193) – has about 150 parking spaces, the church lot is directly across Dale Blvd. from pool (see parking map).

• Dale City Elementary School (14450 Brook Dr, Woodbridge, VA 22193) – has over 60 parking spaces about a 0.6 mile walk (see map).

Parking DON’T’S:

• Do not park in non-designated parking areas, such as town home parking spots. Please be careful not to block driveways, and you are required by law to park 15’ from an intersection.

• Do not park on Dale Blvd. An officer will be checking. Illegally parked cars will be ticketed.

• Do not block or park in yellow-laned area or driveway at dog-leg of lot by DC Football Building.

If you need to drop off your swimmers or equipment, drive into the parking lot entrance. A designated area will be used to turn around and drop off (see map). Please be aware of other’s needing to use this turn around and be quick. This area is Not temporary parking while you set up your tent, it is only for unloading of swimmers or equipment. There will be a volunteer in the lot to keep traffic moving. This is the only designated drop off area. It will close at 6:35 & those spots will be used by reserved parking passes. Do not drop off in condo lot across the street.

Use this doc for images of parking maps

Schedule of Events

Warm-Ups: 6:00 – 6:15

Dale City Frogs


Meet Marshals Meeting (in the kiddie pool area)

6:15 – 6:30


6:30 – 6:45



Officials meeting (under the yellow umbrella)


Timers Meeting by diving board with Starter


Stroke & Turn, Starters, and Referees meet on the pool deck at the main starting end


Clerk and Card Runner Meeting


Relays assemble and Volunteers/Officials in position


1st shift volunteers in place


National Anthem


Meet begins


2nd shift volunteers in place


3rd shift volunteers in place




Logistics for Spectators


Spectators must stay outside of the fences on the pool deck. There will be designated viewing areas (including bleachers). We ask that swimmers and spectators do not set up camp in the bleachers. Spectators may stay to watch the swimmers, then move on to make room for others. Marshals will supervise these areas.

Absolutely no photography or video recording of any kind allowed behind the starting blocks when the swimmers are set to begin a heat (photography and video recordings are allowed during and after the race). Please make this clear to your swim families prior to the meet. Marshals will supervise these areas. NOTE: The spectator stands are directly behind the starting area for 25M events and photography will not be allowed from the stands for those events.


Directions to Birchdale Pool (home of the Frogs)

Birchdale Recreational Center

14730 Birchdale Avenue

Dale City, VA


From Riley Road, proceed towards Lee Highway (Rte. 29/15) & turn right. Continue on Rte. 29 & exit onto I-66 East. Take Exit 44 (Rte. 234 Bypass) & continue approximately 16 miles & take a left at the traffic light onto Minnieville Road. Proceed approximately 4.5 miles & take a right at the traffic light onto Dale Boulevard. (This is a major intersection. There will be an Exxon & a McDonald’s on your right.) Continue approximately 2 miles & take a left onto Birchdale Avenue. The pool & reserved parking lot will be immediately on your left.