Suit Fitting Day

SUIT FITTING DAY: Competitive Aquatic Supply (CASSeptember 12th

Competitive Aquatic Supply will be on deck Thursday, September 12th.  All Tridents receive a swim suit.**  You must attend the suit fitting 4:30 -7:30.  We suggest coming early as there will be a lot of people.  You can also purchase fins, goggles, parkas and paddles from CAS.

The Coaching Staff highly encourages parents to buy the correct paddles and fins....  countless time parents purchase the wrong items and certain paddles and fins do not help your child to get better....

swimmers should be in TYR Catalyst Paddles and Triton Fins

**Each swimmer receives a team suit which is included in your registration fees.  Boys can be picked up that day.  Girls need to be screened with Team Logo.