VINCIBLE ... The Kayla Redig Documentary

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Remember when being young made you feel like you had the world by the tail and everything was new? Your first love and your first job? Remember how it felt to drive a car for the first time, or to stay up all night with your friends? You felt INVINCIBLE, right? How about the first time you had cancer in your 20s? What did that feel like? Let's ask one of the more than 70,000 young adults between the ages of 15 and 39 (the invincible years) who are diagnosed with cancer each year. Didn't know they existed? Now you do.

VINCIBLE is a documentary that follows 27-year-old cancer survivor, Kayla Redig, as she creates a voice for the 69,999 other young people who lose their youth to this disease each year.

Executive Producer, Redig, and her team of experts wonder, “What needs to happen to help young adult cancer patients face an older person's disease? In a system filled with specialty care like children's hospitals and nursing homes, where do the young adults fit in?”  

Among the many issues covered in this film, Redig explores the need for a support community to assist young adults when they are diagnosed in the prime of their lives. 

VINCIBLE is a documentary film project aiming to raise awareness for the faceless young adult cancer demographic