Weekly News (Kickoff Gala Week)

Hello all Panthers,


Good morning, I’m so glad to be back to Thailand. My trip to California was amazing and very fruitful. I passed my level 5 test and learned lots along the way. The conference itself was full of amazing talks by current and past Olympic coaches and some of the best science minds in the sport. The new information coming out through scientific studies done on high speed cameras are mind boggling. Many of the things we were “sure” of are now proving to be untrue. I can’t wait to share this with our coaches and then directly apply it to our swimmers and their learning.


For this week we need to have some fun first. The Kick Off Gala and Dinner is this Wednesday (Sept 12th) right after school. See all details below and get ready for a great time!



Important Notes:


Panther Kick Off Gala and Dinner (Sept 12th):

The sign up for the swimming events are closed, so if you have signed up make sure you have given us your # of family members for the dinner.

Family Dinner Link for Kick Off Dinner on Sept. 12th  (please sign up yes or no)



2:35-4:30: There is a fun swim meet with just our team members at the 50m pool.

4:30: Dinner for all swimmers and family members.

5:00: Parent information session for new and old swim families and Dodge ball game with coaches for swimmers (aka babysitting).

Swim Caps and Team Shirt Pick Up:

There will be a table set up at this event for you to pick up your free swim cap and team t-shirts. You get one set of these per year with the team fees. If you have already picked them up from them then please do not pick up a second set.



Team Swim Suits:

Team swim suits can also be purchased during this time. They are 1000 baht per suit (this is actual cost of producing the suit) If you paid for suit during registration then please bring receipt.



Volunteer positions full for the Kickoff Gala and the Paloozas…Thanks so much!


I will be opening the Swimfest Volunteer list this week. This is the biggest swim meet for international schools in Thailand. Over 1000 swimmers each year!


PARENT VOLUNTEERS: Beside the pink button is the blue “Job Sign-up” button. Click on that, then read the jobs needed and then click on the button beside the job you want to do…Easy-Peasy.



Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:


Sept 30th (Sunday): Pantana Tiger Prawns (6-8 year olds only)

Oct 2nd (after school): Fall Panther Palooza (Senior)

Oct 3rd (after school): Fall Panther Palooza (10 & under)

Nov 10/11th (Saturday/Sunday) ISB Swimfest 2018 (Major Meet)

Dec 15-17 3rd Annual Thanyapura Winter Swim Camp (Phuket)




That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,