Welcome to Shippensburg Aquatic Club 2018-19

Welcome Parents,

I am Chris Heberlig your incoming president of the Aquatic Club. My family has been involved with this swim club for the past 8 years. Our daughter Shelby has been enjoying the summer but is ready to head back to the pool, just as I hope that your kiddos are also.

I wanted to take a moment and ask for your assistance this year in a few ways. Our club has gone through some major changes in the past 2 years. For new families, you have the advantage of coming in on the ground level and helping us in rebuilding our team. For our returning swim families, we value your patience and commitment to this club and would like to say thank you. We will continue to work at growing and shaping this club into what we and our children, need and want here in Shippensburg.

Coach Nick is doing a great job with the skills needed to swim at all levels for the kids as they reach for new goals and develop their techniques, but we need parents involved in other aspects of the club. We have several committee’s that have open positions. Some range from very simple and easy, with very little time commitment, to others that we need a group of people to pull together and work at tasks requiring a few hours a month.

Our governing board is comprised of all volunteers/parents. As with most families today, we understand that there are time commitments to work, church and to other organizations, but we ask that you please consider your skills and any time available and how you might be able to assist in any way to keep these kids swimming.

I also would ask that you try to participate in the monthly board meetings if possible. We typically meet the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm, the first of which will be tonight, September 11. Most of the time we meet at the high school, either in the lobby or in one of the auditorium rooms, while swim practice is taking place, so it makes it convenient and close to the pool.

We have had a decrease in attendance at our meetings in the past year, and we need our members to help us guide the club in decisions. All club members have a vote and we invite you to come and participate.

Please reach out to any of the current board members listed below to see how you might be able to help.



President, Shippensburg Aquatic Club


Board of Directors 2018-2019

Executive Board


Committee Representatives


Chris Heberlig




Alix Rouby

Meet Operations



Jackie Ulmer




Amanda Chan       

Swim School

Melissa Hockenberry

If you would like to get more involved, please reach out to any of the Board members or Committee Representatives and find out how you can assist! We welcome all members of the club to be active in our monthly meetings.