As you are all probably aware there is going to be some incoming weather. We are going to try to hold practice whenever we can.  If it doesn't look like it is possible to hold practice we will try to call it in advance. This team holds practice at 5 different pools, please be patient as we are not meteorologists and are just trying our best. Please make the best decision that you can for your family. If we get out early from practice we will have your kid call you and let you know, either at the front desk or otherwise.

If we are going to cancel practice ahead of time I will post it as news on our Piranhas Team Website: 

I will also email. With that being said, we have had a recent backup of registrations at the business office, I have not been able to add everyone to the system because I do not yet have a list of registrations. If you know of a new swimmer that might not be on this list please reach out to them and tell them to check the webpage under news for updates on the weather.

Above all else, please stay safe!