Temporary Pool Access and Parking Instructions

SAC Parents,

As we mentioned before, the school is undergoing major renovations and the campus will look fantastic when completed.  However, this will create some differences in our normal routine that we may be used to.

Instructions for parking - please enter into the parking lot off Paper Mill Rd.  Continue straight into the student parking.  We will be entering through the left hand side of the pool.  The usual pool lobby which is to the right of the pool is off limits.

There's temporary access through door 35-A, the door to the left of the blue exterior pool door (34-A) as you face the pool from the outside. SAC swimmers and parents will enter through door 35-A and walk down the temporary hallway and around to the brown doors that are in, what was the pool lobby, just like last year. 

It's a bit of a roundabout way to get to the pool, but the district wants to avoid a large number of people coming in through 34-A and walking across the pool deck to the bleachers and locker rooms. 
There is a map attached for your reference.